Honda’s quiet-running IZY lawnmowers are well known for their reliability, ease of use and performance. As a company, Honda is especially aware of the impact that their machinery has on the environment, and you will see this philosophy embodied throughout their range.


The Honda HRG536SK is a petrol mower which represents the best the IZY range has to offer, and is among the best medium sized lawnmowers available. New for the 2020 season, our new range of Izy lawnmowers feature our latest Euro-5 compliant, four-stroke GCVx engines. These new engines offer enhanced combustion by creating stronger turbulence inside the chamber, while also being more tolerant to lower quality fuels. All Izys have a new Auto Choke system, offering improved temperature sensing and choke optimisation, for easier starting in the most challenging conditions.. This model also offers a 53cm cutting width with which other similar models cannot compete, ensuring great performance even on larger lawns. Moreover, the HRG 536 SK features a single-speed self-propulsion system, making it even easier to meet the demands involved in any mowing job.


The tough but lightweight chassis of the Honda HRG536SK is manufactured from treated steel; the cataphoresis processing used in the production of this machine ensures that it will be protected from rusting, UV abrasion, and corrosion. Honda is so confident in this process that they also include a five year full warranty so that you can rest easy in the knowledge that your machine is built to perform consistently.


The Honda HRG536SK’s grass bag is also designed to utilise airflow to increase grass collection, ensuring that your mower is capable of collecting as much grass as possible and thus reducing the number of times you will be required to empty the bag.

Honda HRG536SK IZY Self-Propelled Petrol Lawnmower

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